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Travel and Airline Credit Cards

Travel and Airline Credit Cards can be an excellent option for those who fly a single airline time and again. They do not fit individuals who usually carry a balance as interest rates are inclined to be rather high. Notably, of late rates have been on the increase. According to many budget travel airline, these cards are not that attractive unless you reside close to an airport that is dominated by a single airline, or your organization usually uses a specific carrier. In my view, it is rewarding to go for bank-based cards since they may give you more incentive options.Nonetheless, it is advisable to consider your travel patterns and finances before picking on specific travel and airline credit cards. The following recommendations should only serve as a beginning point for carrying out an in-depth study regarding your specific travel needs. Consider some of the examples below:Gold Delta SkyMile Credit Card from American ExpressDelta has a widespread network of partners and cities throughout the world, which make it perfect to think about their offers. American Express is widely accepted despite some complaints from budget travelers. Delta offers 30,000 extra miles for those who charge 500 dollars on their card within the first three months. The good news with SkyMiles is that they are accepted on a number of international air carriers including Singapore Airlines, Air Jamaica and Air France. They now give 2,500 extra miles to those who make 10,000 dollars in purchases in one year. However, the yearly fee can go to a high of 95 dollars, which amounts to bad news.British Airways Visa Signature CardVery few airlines can match the offers given by British Airways. Currently, they offer 50,000 extra miles just for signing up. Additionally, you will receive double BA Miles for each dollar you spend on the products sold by the airline. British Airways also combine with other reward partners like Alaska Airlines and American Airlines to give approximately 600 destinations to which customers can fly. The good news with British Airlines is that they offer numerous local and international flights. They also give a second companion ticket, which is usually free, when you pay the full amount for the first. However, the yearly fee can amount to 95 dollars, which is not good news. Additionally, only those residing in the United States are eligible.Looking at the two examples, travel and airline credit cards can help you save a lot if you are of the travelling type.